Demand Control 2 brings experienced resources solely focused on partnering with your business to maximize the efficiency of meeting your electricity needs, allowing you to participate in the renewables market, control your power costs, & reduce operating expenses

About Demand Control 2

Demand Control 2's mission is to transform the way companies purchases energy by enabling access to the wholesale electric markets (either by creating a self-supply group managed by us or transparent wholesale access), which provides companies with more control to lower costs, reduce energy risks, and have access to renewable resources.

Demand Control 2 will make it happen, in part, because the key officers are highly regarded and respected by industry professionals.

The co-founders have served as representatives on ERCOT stakeholder subcommittees and task forces. Each has significant experience developing electricity pricing, including rates and tariffs. The key officers were among a group of stakeholders instrumental in creating the competitive wholesale and retail markets at ERCOT – down to the details of advocating for or against certain protocol revision requests (PRRs) and nodal PRRs.

Demand Control 2

Why Choose Us

Demand Control 2

Retail Electric Provider (REP)

Many companies rely on third-party REPs or Brokers to procure their electricity. Larger successful commercial enterprises now have another option. Demand Control 2 can show you how to establish direct purchasing of power and ancillary services to meet your energy needs, or Demand Control 2 can do it for you.

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Demand Control 2

Granular Level Analysis

Demand Control 2 will perform a granular level analysis of your business' electric usage. This analysis will provide targeted options to give you control over your power supply needs. Whether you want to reduce your electric bill, reduce your cost of production per unit, or participate in the renewables market.

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Demand Control 2

Traditional Electric Providers

Traditional retail electric providers (REPs) have pre-designed electricity products to sell to customers. Demand Control 2 will learn your business needs and design a customized electricity solution. Demand Control 2 is here to provide unique services to successful businesses that want to continue that success.

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What makes us,WHO WE ARE!

DC2 has one of the best, "Well Diversified, Portfolio of Services," in the Energy Sector.

DC2's Model is to treat each client as an individual Entity. We will take a look into your energy usage and come up with a plan of attack that will better suit your individual needs. No need to pay for services that will not be pertinent to your business plan.

Becoming your own REP is the way to go! If you want to manage YOUR REP yourself, or have DC2 manage it, either way, it is a benefit, rather than throwing savings away.

Feel free to call us at +1 (479) 366-4650, or Email [email protected]
"Demand Control 2" because we believe in your business!

Demand Control 2