Demand Control 2, LLC (DC2) is for companies wanting more control over their energy supply.

Your business success is based on your expertise and sophistication in your industry.  You deserve an electric services partner, DC2, who will give you more control over your electricity price and services.


  Demand Control 2’s CEO Chris Hendrix, President Shannon K. McClendon, and COO Jim Galvin have worked independently and together on countless projects in the electric utility industry in Texas with over 75 years of combined experience. They have experience and qualifications in performing an overabundance of services in the electric utility industry in Texas and other U.S. and international markets. Electric energy portfolio managed services and retail electric provider services are part of their successful experiences. These company officers have worked together on many projects, in extensive detail, involving all aspects of the ERCOT market. They continue to maintain very active in the ERCOT market and its regulatory oversight bodies, trade associations, and other RTOs/ISOs.

About Us


Chris Hendrix     

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hendrix most recently worked for Walmart, one of the largest non-industrial electricity consumers in North America.  Chris was responsible for directing Walmart’s competitive electricity operations for all of the United States and the United Kingdom. 

While at Walmart for 16 years, Chris developed a self-supply Retail Electric   Provider (REP) model initially in Texas and then expanded it to 10 additional   states and the UK. He was responsible for all aspects (forecasting, trading, risk management, invoicing,   settlements, and compliance) of the business focusing on reducing the cost of electricity and managing price volatility.

Mr. Hendrix has proven abilities to effectively distill and communicate complex commercial, regulatory, market, and contractual details to all organizational levels, elected officials, and regulatory bodies.

Chris developed creative and innovative deregulated electricity contract structures that saved companies millions of dollars compared to traditional procurement strategies.

Chris received both a B.B.A. in Accounting and an M.B.A. from the University of Houston.


Shannon K. McClendon


Shannon K. McClendon is an attorney and counselor at law, and has represented most of   the stakeholders in the ERCOT electric industry working on their legal representation before the PUC, ERCOT, Texas RE, and the Texas   Legislature. Shannon was instrumental in the first successful transition to competition plan for an IOU in Texas.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Shannon was a computer systems analyst working for NASA on the Shuttle Transportation Space Operations and Control in Houston (Clear Lake) for systems in the Mission Control Center and Simulation Mission Systems.

Mrs. McClendon has served as a Director on the ERCOT Board. Both the CEO and Mrs. McClendon have served as representatives on ERCOT’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for several years. Mrs. McClendon also served as the Vice-Chair of TAC. 

Shannon serves as Corporate Secretary on the Texas Business Hall of Fame. She has served as Board Secretary of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, and other State agencies. 

She attended Texas A&M and graduated with honors from the University of Houston. She earned her law degree from the University of Houston Law Center.


 Jim Galvin

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Galvin works extensively in the North American markets, including PJM, ERCOT, MidContinent, SPP, and California both as a leader at the ISO/RTO level and with two member companies. 

As evidenced by one of the world’s best electric markets, Mr. Galvin is considered instrumental in directing ERCOT Market Operations for five years during major transitions. He also has an incredible reputation for professionally handling settlement disputes between ERCOT and QSEs, QSEs and Retail Electric Providers, and power suppliers and customers. 

Besides all his technical capabilities, Mr. Galvin is admired for his unique ability to work as a project leader yet ensuring all participants’ opinions are evaluated and valued, which is quite difficult in highly-competitive and highly-contested markets, projects, rule makings, cases, protocol revisions, etc. This attribute alone is much sought after in our industry. 

Mr. Galvin also has great experience and expertise in the European market design with emphasis on the Single Electricity Market in Ireland transitioning into a Pan-European market structure with implementation in 2018. 

Jim earned a degree in Economics from the University of California at Davis. 

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