Demand Control 2's LLC‘s tailored proprietary software

VERGOS®TM: Virtual Energy Risk and Grid Operations Systems

Demand Control 2's custom analytical software, designed and developed in-house, provides clients control over their power costs, reductions in operating expenses, and the ability to participate in the renewables market.

  • VERGOS analyzes energy usage at one or more facilities and aggregates levels necessary for load optimization, cost minimization, detection of issues (such as operational problems, equipment malfunctions, and human behavior), and procurement decisions.
  • The system uses the most recent facility level 15-minute interval usage data and weather and operational data to accurately forecast load in the short-term (day ahead) to long-term (years ahead) on a continuous basis.

  • This accurate and timely load forecast is a critical part of energy risk management and procurement strategy.
  • VERGOS provides position reporting, gross margin tracking, market-to-market valuations and day-over-day changes to the value of the client’s energy portfolio as continuous changes to the portfolio occurs and as markets curves shift.
  • VERGOS further provides ISO and counter party market settlements.

  • VERGOS provide fully customizable management dashboards, reports, and analysis to help clients utilize their valuable energy assets.

VERGOS digests, analyzes, and organizes massive amounts of enormous types of data for clients to understand their electricity use and how to better minimize their production cost per unit of output.

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