Why DC2

Why Choose DC2?

Your business' success is based on your expertise and sophistication in your industry. You deserve a partner, DC2, who will help you gain control over your electricity prices and services.

In today's Texas competitive retail electric market, it can be very cumbersome for your business to find the appropriate:

1) Retail Electric Provider (REP) and
2) the specific electric product(s) or package that best meets your business' needs.

Many companies rely on third-party REPs or Brokers to procure their electricity. Larger successful commercial enterprises now have another option. Demand Control 2 can show you how to establish direct purchasing of power and ancillary services to meet your energy needs, or Demand Control 2 can do it for you.

Demand Control 2

Avoid the Middlemen
No need for a third-party REP
No need for a broker

Demand Control 2

Demand Control 2 understands the totality of the ERCOT market and the nuances of all the market-driven variables.

Demand Control 2 will perform a granular level analysis of your business' electric usage. This analysis will provide targeted options to give you control over your power supply needs. Whether you want to reduce your electric bill, reduce your cost of production per unit, or participate in the renewables market, Demand Control 2 is ready to serve you.

Demand Control 2 works for your business connecting it to the wholesale electric markets enabling you to control your electric rates in ERCOT's retail competitive market.

Traditional retail electric providers (REPs) have pre-designed electricity products to sell to customers. Demand Control 2 will learn your business needs and design a customized electricity solution. Demand Control 2 is here to provide unique services to successful businesses that want to continue that success.

Demand Control 2, an Option 2 REP, will provide your business with the best electricity solution for your business. The combination of Demand Control 2 team experience and qualifications is unsurpassed. CEO Chris Hendrix, President Shannon K. McClendon, and Chief Risk Officer Anoush Farhangi have worked independently and together on countless projects in the electric utility industry in Texas and elsewhere with over 75 years of combined experience. They have experience and qualifications in performing an abundance of services in the electric utility industry in Texas. Electric energy portfolio managed services, and retail electric provider services are part of their successful experiences.

These company officers have worked together on many projects, in extensive detail, involving ERCOT as well as other Independent System Operators (ISOs) throughout the United States and Europe and industry trade associations. They remain very active in ERCOT and other electric competitive markets in North America and overseas, and its systems operators and the corresponding regulatory oversight bodies.

Demand Control 2 is Exclusive

You are our CLIENT, our PARTNER —not a customer.

Tailor-made energy engagement is not for ordinary customers and not for the mass market.

It keeps our partner roster serviceable.

Allows us to focus on optimizing your energy needs.

Let us set up YOUR OWN REP and have Demand Control 2 Manage it!

You are our CLIENT, our PARTNER —not a customer.

MUTUAL CONFIDENTIALITY is L paramount in our relationship.

Our fees are based on the type of services we provide, ensuring a win-win for us both.

We have monthly fixed fees.

We have fixed fees plus percentages of savings.

How does {YOUR BUSINESS NAME} Energy sound to you?